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All the Way Around the Sun

Fall 2025

Book #2 Coming Soon

Stella and Alan meet and connect with each other as “satellite babies” - children raised by their grandparents in China before rejoining their parents in the United States - before an unbearable betrayal tears their friendship apart. Years later, Stella’s brother dies in college, putting Stella’s final year in high school in a tailspin. With her parents unable to move past the devastation or support their remaining child, Stella is thrown into an unexpected reunion with Alan, which threatens to unearth long kept secrets and lingering feelings.

ALL THE WAY AROUND THE SUN is about the things we hide from the people we love. It’s about the enduring bond of family across oceans and beyond the grave. And at it’s core, it’s a childhood friends to lovers story about two lonely people, who find themselves falling again and again into each other’s orbit.

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